Meet the Twitter user who went viral for saying he was served egg water dosa at Kochi airport

June 8th, 2022
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June 8th, 2022

Manish Jain went to Earth Lounge at the airport with his friends for breakfast at 8am. He decided to order a dosa and that’s where it all started.

If you have been on Twitter lately, you probably have seen the controversy surrounding a man’s claim of dosa made with egg water served at Kochi airport. The man’s tweet went viral and sparked a flurry of reactions and he was brutally trolled and even charged for misunderstanding egg water (anda paani) as cold water (thanda paani).

Manish Jain is based in Mumbai and works as a financial advisor. While speaking to Aaj Tak, Manish said that he was in Kochi for a tour and the incident occurred on May 3 while he was waiting at the Kochi airport at around 9:30am for his IndiGo flight to Mumbai.


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